FakeOut's Professional CrossFire team!

Mon 3rd Oct 2016 - 8:46pm : General

Quiet doesn’t always mean down and out. What I mean by that is, you may not have heard from us in a while but we’re always working. Behind the scenes as our teams have been in off seasons we’ve been trying our best to bring the best content possible. This hard work has come to fruition with this awesome announcement.


It is my pleasure to announce that FakeOut has signed a professional Crossfire team.  Ex GGaming takes part in the CFCL - Professional - NA league.  Just last week this team beat the number one team in the world, 3sUp.Carbon. We look forward to having them carry over this success as the newest members of the Nation!


Some information about the team:


First, you have ThornzBerry. He is the current In-Game Leader and 2nd Entry fragger. Next you have Pimpdemnikea who has played off and on for the past 6 years and is an Aggressive Entry fragger. Next you have Demalution. He has been playing competitively for the past 4 years and is the Main Sniper/Sub Rifler. Next, We have Michaelxv205. He had played CSGO and Crossfire in the past and is now planning on committing to the Competitive scene. Lastly, We have Jkeith2k. He has been playing crossfire for the past 7 years and  is also the 2011 CCC Tournament Champ.


With the growth being so amazing over this past few months we only see the stars in sight!


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Oakley ★

Oakley ★

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    To start with, you have ThornzBerry. He is the current In-Game Leader and second Entry fragger. Next you have Pimpdemnikea who has played now and again for as far back as 6 years and Animated Video Service is an Aggressive Entry fragger. Next you have Demalution. He has been playing intensely for as far back as 4 years and is the Main Sniper/Sub Rifler.


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