FakeOut's Bounce Back to Rocket League!

Mon 6th Jun 2016 - 4:15pm

the Rocket League scene again!


Are you a fan of Rockets? Okay maybe Leagues? Or… a fan of both?! Well if so you’re in for a treat! FakeOut Nation is pleased to announce our newest addition. FakeOut’s Rocket League team consisting of Haku, CorruptedG, and Nexate! They are individually incredibly sound players and love competing at the highest level possible. As a newly formed team they intend to blast through the scene rising the Power Rankings list, competing in tournaments, and heading into the RLCS Open Qualifier #2. Personally we couldn’t be more pleased to have such talent sign onto FakeOut Nation and we hope you feel the same way. Be sure to stay notified on the website for times you can catch our Rocket League team smashing the field! Stay connected on our Twitter for the instant updates!


Here is the incredible lineup in detail with social media:


HakuBai - Twitter: @HakuRL | Twitch: /HakuBai = Haku first starting out here in FakeOut Nation with his incredible climb to be a renowned professional Rocket League player with two other teammates proved to be very successful. Then having an incredible chance to play alongside a couple amazing players in Orbit he jumped on the offer. After the great experience he then returns to FakeOut to continue on that legacy beside the next two amazing players that will help lead him to even greater success!


CorruptedG - Twitter: @CorruptedGabe | Twitch: /CorruptedG = CorruptedG being such a dominant force in Rocket League competing as Phoenix Infinity decided with the chance to come compete alongside Haku under FakeOut Nation would be where he wants to continue the great climb to being #1 in Rocket League. With his talent we have no doubt that he will succeed in all of his goals and aspirations!


Nexate - Twitter: @Nexate | Twitch: /Nexate = Nexate has always been a great contender in the Rocket League scene where he competed alongside CorruptedG as Phoenix Infinity. Now jumping on the same chance CorruptedG, nothing will be standing in his way to be a renowned Rocket League player with many tournament and championship wins under his belt!


This lineup is incredible and we can’t wait to have you guys on the sidelines with us rooting for them all the way! Thanks Nation for being awesome and here's to many more achievements this year!


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Oakley ★

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