FakeOut Signs ESEA-Main CS:GO Team!

Wed 25th May 2016 - 4:18pm : FakeOut CS:GO

Hey guys, Oakley here! Haven’t given you guys an update in so long. As the Owner and C.E.O of FakeOut Nation I’d like to say how AMAZING and lucky I am to be centered around the BEST hearted, sound minded, and motivated individuals apart of this organization. They are the up front, the back bone, the under dogs, and the face of this organization I merely help say “Yeah everyone keep going” haha. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today which leads me to my next point.


THE RETURN OF FAKEOUT CS:GO! Bigger and better than before we brought a new amazing North American Roster. I understand it’s been a long wait since we had a fallout with the previous EU Team. These guys are in ESEA-Main and look to push harder than ever before! Participate in the action by joining us on and tweeting about it, favoriting, and retweeting! Become apart of the #PurpleNation!


So the amazing Roster we have lined up is going to be;


BrokenIce: Age 25 - -

eSports Arena 5k lan - 4th/32. This was against Tempo eSports.

ESEA Main- Season 17 - Went 16-0 in the regular season. Ended up 5th place in the play-offs. This was against a team now named OpTic Gaming.

ESEA Open- Season 16 - 3rd Place. This was the season when all the current pro players were in open. This includes people like Nitro, Shahzam, Fugly, etc.  Played consistently against teams such as C9, iBuyPower, etc.

ESEA Main- Season 21- Got 19th place (this was due to me being in the hospital and missing matches. We missed play-offs due to 1 match). To be absolutely honest, we should have won this season no doubt about it.


Oniichan: Age 22 - -

eSports Arena 5k lan - 4th/32. This was against Tempo eSports.

ESEA IM- Season 20 - 6th Place.

ESEA Main- Season 21- Got 19th place


Joshypoo: Age 22 - - No twitch as of now.

eSports Arena 5k lan - 4th/32. This was against Tempo eSports.

eSports Arena LAN- 1st place. This was against players such as Stewie2k.

ESEA Main- Season 21- Got 19th place


Darien: Age 21 - No Twitter/Twitch Yet.

New upcoming player. Probably one of the best players that we could have picked up for the team currently. This guy has amazing potential!


Crashies: Age 18 - -

New upcoming player. Insane shot. We needed a very strong entry fragger and he is the right fit.

We can’t wait to see what the 22nd Season of ESEA-Main has in store for this great team and the organization! Thanks for taking the time to read this article guys and we hope to see you out on the social media frontlines battling with us to the road of success!


P.S. We have some upcoming news about some sponsorships so stay tuned for that information!




Oakley ★

Oakley ★

Dakota Freelon

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