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Tue 23rd Feb 2016 - 8:41pm : General

What’s up Everyone? EffiGee here once again with yet another fresh batch of knowledge for you, thanks for being part of the legacy. So I'd like to introduce to those of you who don’t know, our beloved League of Legends team, the Big one not the second.. well that's for another time. Anyway getting back on topic, now some of you may know our boys but may not know exactly how they came to be. The team was established on August 14th originally called Zeal Quake Gaming (ZQG), two months after Kellen spoke with Oakley and was invited to play for Fake Out Nation.


After a series of roster changes due to personal issues and a sudden lack of interest, Captain then picked up two players, Argonaus and Kram who fit like puzzle pieces into the three man anchor(Captain,Akon,Karrelan) to complete the team.


After completing the roster we continued to be FakeOuts most consistent and well established team. After months of practicing the team finally felt comfortable enough to participate in our FIRST amature LCS style league under the name FakeOut Nation.

                                                                              -  “Captain”, founder and captain of the League of Legends team for FakeOut Nation.

Come and meet some of our players:


Hi, I'm Kellen also known as Captain to my teammates and I am the founder and captain of the League of Legends team for FakeOut Nation. When I started playing League of Legends I knew that I wanted to play competitively and wanted to play ranked 5s but for a while I was just trying to find a team to join and after months of not being able to find a team that wanted to be as competitive as I was I decided to take a shot at drafting a team of my own. It took a bit to find the guys that I wanted to work with but after about 2-3 months of searching for the correct people Akon who is now the Ad Carry for the team approached me when he noticed that I was putting together a team. I picked him and his support up in a heartbeat because I had been friends with Akon for about 7 months at the time and we played together on a previous team and because he was such a solid player on that team I had no doubt in my mind that him and his support Karrelan would be great pick ups and guys to help me mold the team that I wanted to create. After picking up Akon and Karrelan we worked together to find our first mid and top laners who later on after playing for a couple months had to say good bye as they got really busy with real life things after this had happened we spent another couple weeks on finding our Mid lane Kram and our Top lane Argonaus. Since finding and completing our roster we continued to practice together and play as much as possible and after months of practicing we are now participating in a amature LCS style league where we will be competing weekly under the name FakeOut Nation and this gives me great confidence in myself and my teammates while we take on full diamond to plat teams.

Hi I'm Akon, or if we're going off of first name basis then my name is Alex, and I am the adc for FakeOut in a game called League of Legends. This team got started when me and the support were looking for a serious team we would play on as the bot lane and I saw my friend Captain, had a status that he was looking to start up a team. At that point I had been friends with Captain for about 7 months and was on my first serious team with him, so I guess that’s where my drive for going pro and making it into the LCS all started. On that team I  played top lane and it was Season 3 I believe when teleport was just starting to come into the meta, I met my current support Karrelan about 13 months ago during my winter break when we both were trying out for a sponsored team which we made btw . That team didn't work out and ever since that day we have joined and created many serious teams that ended up not working out, until we found this team. I really like this team and the players on it. We just synergize so well together and I love all the funny and goofy moments we have together. We just recently joined an Amatuer LCS style league that is filled with great competition. I Think this will be our first big step toward becoming a great team, and that we will stay together for the long haul as this one of the longest times I have been on a team without falling apart. I think we have been a team for about 6 months now. Bottom line is I love these guys and hope we all stick together, through good times and bad.

Hi, I'm David or mainly called Argo for Argonaus, i've been playing the game since season 3 and started my competitive league being a bronze 5 player with little knowledge of anything in league. After my season 4 placements I was yet again a bronze 5 player, but i was determined to prove that i was more than a bronze 5 level player, that i was better than that, that i was better than others. After the season with 500 plus games, i made it to the rank of gold V  just in time for the season rewards. I saw myself a lot on the ADC role, mainly because i saw the role as being fun, but not actually being very impressive on it. After season 5 placements into silver i aimed to try and focus on who i am as a player, and which role i would define myself best in. After juggling myself between top and jungler and also being in different teams i finally found my defined role of being a top laner. Finding that much of the top laning role is a laner who worked on spreading the pressure to different parts of the map, and being able to turn team fights in your teams favor. While showing that your fights in lane are determined on your skill rather than whether or not your jungler is waiting around the corner. Combining this with my lack of shotcalling i would proudly say that in game i am a tool my team can call on to do different task, and play the style that they want me to play.

Thank you guys for your statements, and thank you for taking the time to read thru them we appreciate your interest and are proud to have you as part of the Nation! Thats all the time we have for now, stay with us on our teams journey thru the Olympus Gamerz League @ as they continue to climb the ranks twoards the ultimate goal of joinning the LCS. Till next time folks keep on keepin on!


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Oakley ★

Oakley ★

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