Sector Six Partnership

Wed 14th Sep 2016 - 12:42am : General

Some extremely exciting news today for #TheNation! We have been in close contact with Sector Six Apparel to house our apparel and gear on their website! We are so excited to announce the official Apparel Sponsor of FakeOut Nation as Sector Six Apparel and we will have our storefront listed in the Pro Shop section under E-Sports for their website! If you’ve ever wanted to grab some FakeOut Nation gear and apparel, now would be the time! If you head over to Sector Six you can find our logo and store there.


They have all sorts of amazing products like Embroidered Snapbacks, Hoodies, T-Shirts, and Backpacks! We have our jersey design coming soon and can’t wait for you guys to have a chance at picking one up! In the mean time try to hold yourself off by grabbing a sweet new T-Shirt! When you grab some gear be sure to tweet it at us with the @FakeOutNation and we will give you a blast!


About Sector Six Apparel;


Sector Six creates superior products that intensifies the support structure of military, law enforcement and firefighting professionals. The idea behind Sector Six; while in combat, it’s a common phrase to hear, “I’ve got your six”, so we have expanded that support phrase into something more. Continuously building a foundation of quality, value and dedication, Sector Six strives to deliver while maintaining the support concept of all service members. Dedicated to the initiative, innovation and exemplary customer service run by its unwavering and loyal staff. Soon, Sector Six will become iconic in nature and easily recognizable by any service member or patriot alike.

As a result of the continued support for military and patriotism, all apparel and gear promotes the importance of active duty members and veterans. We are extremely passionate in our support for our Men and Women in uniform. We must honor those who serve our country and protect our freedom. They come from all walks of life and from every part of our country. Wearing the Sector Six brand shows that you support our Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Military Personnel. Just as they have stood tall for our country, we must always stand by and support the Men and Women in uniform and their families.

We see big things in store for this partnership (haha get it?). Thanks for taking the time to keep up to date with us! We will fill you in with more news to come soon so keep checking back!


Plydon35 ★

Plydon35 ★

Peter Lydon

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