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Wed 26th Oct 2016 - 2:58am : General

Now that you’re aware of our venture into Paladins, it’s time you meet our players.




Nystqt got started off with casual Call of Duty but only ever played at a couple of LANs and didn’t get too serious about the competitive side of it. He also dabbled a bit with small Smite teams but nothing major came out of that.


His first Paladins team was Team GG where he met MystixGoDZ before GG fell apart. He played under ObScure eSports NA until he got picked up by Kings of the North during the game’s Summer Circuit. There, they played 8th but Nystqt ended up leaving the team tot join ARISE for a small time before forming Bananas in Pajamas with Kenjiton.


Kenjiton ended up being out due to an injury and was replaced by Madman who left a mere day before the qualifiers. They were then forced to use a sub to qualify for the Champions Series after which they picked up Kenjiton once more. Kenjiton ended up leaving the team permanently and was replaced by Sheepy.



Sheepy got his start in League of Legends where he reached High Diamond in Season 4 and later Master in the first season of Smite. He reached top 50 in Dawngate before the game closed and 4.2k ELO in DotA before he got bored of MOBAs. He played in the Gold rank of the UGC Team Fortress 2 League as a Flex Scout and placed at rank 72 during Overwatch’s first season. He has had bouts with other FPS games, but none competitively.



Ciruchan started of casually, with Paladins being his first competitive game. He has been on 4 different teams: The Art of Warfare NA, Kings of the North: Black, PrettyHair Fan Girls, and Clown69. He ended up staying with Bananas in Pajamas because it was where he felt most comfortable despite the roster shifts. Outside of Paladins, he likes MOBAs and MMORPGs but transferring to FPS games proved easy due to previous experience.


His primary strength on the team is ability and cooldown management, allows him to play tank and support characters very well. By being the frontline tank for the team, he assists the team when it comes to initiating fights, sustaining through fights, and disengaging fights while bringing a considerable amount of utility and damage.



Coach Mikey’s history is much less involved than the others’. He was only played Paladins competitively and has played for Kings of the North and Voltage Gaming previously. Easy.



Makkers is almost the same except he used coach amateur League of Legends for 1 year for Imperial eSports Darkness and Exalted Exictutioners. He also played amateur League for 2 years for Imperial eSports Black, Exalted Exicutioners, Booty Blasters. In Paladins he played for Voltage, Team BR and Kings of the North Black.



Kintastic's history goes farther back than anyone else's. He used to play Quake 3 Arena competitively before moving on to Call of Duty 4 and Hi-Rez's first game, Global Agenda. He then played Smite and a multitude of racing games casually before getting to Paladins on the first day of the closed beta. He was on a few unknown teams that didn't last long before playing for Ronin and getting 3rd place in the Founder's Tournament, Paladins' first major tournament.


We look forward to working with these players and are excited for the achievements they will bring to the table!

H3nleY ★

H3nleY ★

Gabriel Ionica

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