Topic How to Lose 2 Pounds a Day So You Can Get Skinny and Take Off Your Shirt - Start Feeling Sexy Again

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 12:13pm

    Excess abdominal fat is a problem that effects a very vast Green Barley Plus Review majority of people of every age and gender. Most people think that excess abdominal fat looks very ugly and they resort to covering up their abs as much as possible to restrict its visibility and in course, they become self conscious about their body and showing it off. However, the fact that most people overlook is that an excess of fat in the abdominal region not only looks ugly, but also is a very dangerous factor of risk for their health. Nowadays, scientific research into the same has clearly established even though it is pretty unhealthy to have body fat, abdominal fat poses a whole new variety of danger and subsequent challenges, which can only be tackled with proper exercises for abs combined with proper diet.

    It is known that two kinds of abdominal fats exist. The one of the first type covers the abs from view and is known as subcutaneous fat and is positioned directly under the skin and lying on the top of the muscles of the abdomen. The second type of fat lies deep under the abdominal muscles and surrounds the vital organs and is known as visceral fat. It is the fat which is mainly responsible for the protruding shape of the belly. It has been proved through rigorous research that even though both the kinds of fats are equally dangerous, the excess of visceral fat poses a far greater danger as it greatly increases the risk of developing a myriad variety of health complications ranging from diabetes, stroke, heart disease and high BP to sleep apnea, some varieties of cancer and also miscellaneous degenerative diseases. Both of these can be tackled by flat stomach exercise.

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