Topic The Power of Spiritual Fasting - Your Destiny & Life Purpose Awaits

  • Fri 16th Feb 2018 - 6:14am

    The liver is another vital organ that has many functions. One of Broken Brain Review which is processing acid toxins from the blood and producing alkaline enzymes throughout the system. If the liver becomes too congested with protein and acid wastes, it could prove to be fatal. The pancreas is also highly dependent upon the body having an alkaline pH to regulate a proper blood sugar balance.

    You probably would not ever think that stress could cause (acid waste build up). You would be wrong. All negative emotions will produce an acidic environment. Research has proven that fear and anger are the underlining causes of most diseases. On the other hand: Peace, Love and Forgiveness heals the body, creating an alkaline environment.

    I have shared this vital information with you to open your eyes and help you understand the importance of keeping your body primarily alkaline pH. I strongly suggest that you purchase a pH test kit and check your body pH. Do something good for your body. You can find a kit at most health stores.

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