Topic Classification of Sleep Disorders, Syndromes and Symptoms - Treatment, Remedies and Useful Tips

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 6:32am

    Do you get awful feelings in the backs of your legs? Does it feel like a crawling or pulling in your calf muscles? Melatolin-plus  Maybe even those words are not sufficient to describe the feeling in your legs? Do you absolutely have to move your legs? Does it seem to stop as soon as you move your legs or walk? Only to restart as soon as you stop. Then you are most likely suffering from restless leg syndrome (RLS) - but what can you do about it?

    I'll briefly tell you my story. I am a 50 (ahem!) something male and I have suffered from this affliction my whole life. Not that I knew it even had a medical name until a few years ago. Actually it was my long suffering wife who excitedly told me all about RLS as I came home from work one evening. She had researched my problem on the internet and had printed out pages of info. For me the big thing was that it actually had a name and was a recognised problem. Until that point I thought it was just some odd thing that was in my family.




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