TopicImprove Your Eyesight - Smile More and Your Eyesight Will Improve

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:00am

    The most dangerous life form is an amoeba called Acanthamoeba. This Divine Vision 12 Review bacteria is present everywhere. Acanthamoeba loves water, tap, oceans, lakes and even bottled and chlorinated. It is found on your nasal passage (without causing harm to you), on air, and soil. It definitely loves dirty contact lenses!Acanthamoeba keratitis is a disease caused by this amoeba. Most often you will need several corneal transplants to save your eye from permanent blindness. If you're not lucky, it can make you lose your eyeball!Most of the people afflicted with Acanthamoeba keratitis are contact lenses wearer. People who often used to dip their contacts in water and who used homemade saline solution. Or people who is so stubborn to listen to the facts.

    So if you happen to be at your friend's house and you forgot to bring your saline solution, you better run to the nearest pharmacy or throw them away. Remove your lenses before taking a bath or swimming with it. You can buy prescription goggles instead. Or if you are trying to clean up your face in school, you can use wet facial towel that is readily available in the groceries.There is no single cause of Myopia. There is a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors. People who constantly use their eyes for close work can develop Myopia. You can be nearsighted as an infant, prior to age 20, after age 20 and even after age 40.


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