Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

FakeOut's CS:GO Team

  • lowrider

    Chase Releford

    Currently the Ingame Leader for FakeOut - Played counter strike for roughly 15 years, have competed in multiple finals from CAL/ESEA/CEVO throughout 1.6/condition zero/csgo - ...Read More

  • cjb

    Cameron Bahl

    Started playing call of duty when i was in 4th grade on my ps3 and continued to play call of duty until i was a freshman. Got a laptop and played CSGO for 2 years on 20 fps before finally getting a desktop which i play on now. I have always had the dream of going pro and I wont stop until i make it....Read More

  • quick

    Aurele Hebert

    Gamer just trying to game! :)...Read More