FakeOut's Crossfire Team

  • ThornzBerry

    Jordan Long

    Current In game leader and 2nd entry fragger for FakeOutNation CF. professional caster for CFCL-UK-Pro, and occasionally CFCL-NA-Pro. Played multiple FPS's over the course of the last decade, from CS:S, CS:GO, Crossfire, and Insurgency. Played Crossfire professionally for the last 4 years on and off. Avid MMORPG player, currently loving OSRS and GW2:HoT. Haven't played WoW since WOTL-Cataclysm release....Read More

  • pimpdemnikes

    Tom O

    Born in 1993, been playing computer games since 1st grade. Started back in Poland playing with friends in internet cafes. Immediately fall in love with gaming. Played CF on and off for about 6 years now. In game, I am an entry fragger known for my aggressive style. I also 2nd IGL....Read More

  • DemalutionX

    Antonio arce

    started playing CF in 2010. I started playing competitively in 2012, fell in love with the competitive scene and still working on making it far. I'm a main sniper/ sub rifler. My IGN is DemalutionX ...Read More

  • michaelxv205

    Michael Sabbagh

    Currently a member of FakeOutNation CF. I've played multiple FPS games like CSGO, Crossfire, I also play games such as Maplestory, Dota 2 and all of the souls games. Been playing Crossfire for around 6 years non stop but never fully commited to the competitive scene until now. ...Read More

  • Jkeith2k

    Jerald S

    Been playing CF since 2009 - 2011 CCC Tournament Champ - CFCL Pro League Team FAKEOUT...Read More

  • itskleeshey

    Luke N

    Been playing fps games since i was about 8 or 9 years old starting with source and moving onto crossfire. Played crossfire for a few years and got into the competitive scene. Then i started to get into csgo, hit LEM in csgo. Also played cevo and faceit on csgo. I play for fakeout in crossfire as the 6th man as a hybrid....Read More